Our Team

The Record House is Latin Grammy Award nominated music production company founded by Mert Ozcan and Beto Vargas, two music producers and composers hailing from Turkey and Colombia. Now based in Los Angeles, we create original music and sounds for Commercials, TV and Film and produce records that truly represent our artists.


Mert Ozcan

Growing up listening to the classic rock artists Mert dreamed quitting school and becoming a rock star himself. Unfortunately, he soon realized that it wasn’t the 80s anymore and decided to live the simpler life. After getting his degree in Music Production and Engineering from Berklee College of Music, Mert went on to work at some of the most prestigious studios around the world such as; Abbey Road, British Grove, Capitol and Interscope Studios. After running the House of Rock studios with Beto Vargas, the two started The Record House.

I believe you have to know what came before to take it further. That’s why having our roots in the mass history of music is both humbling and encouraging. 

I am honored to be a part of the universal history of music, and I hope to leave behind an inspiring mark.


Beto Vargas

As soon as Beto grabbed a guitar for the first time, he knew that his life would revolve around music. He grew up in Colombia playing guitar and singing in many bands and genres but was also inspired by classic rock and various styles from around the world. He graduated from Berklee College of Music with a dual major in "Music Production and Engineering" and "Contemporary Writing and Production" in Boston where he also worked at Mix One Studios. He moved to Los Angeles where he quickly became a well known Engineer and Producer and ran the House of Rock with Mert Ozcan before forming together The Record House. He has recorded over 150 artists and continues to play and record his own music.

I live for those moments when music gives me the chills. It's a universal language that can change the world and inspire us to be great. 

Our passion is to make great music. That is what brought us together and that is why we put everything we have into each project to make sure it's best it can be.