Our Philosophy


To make great music you need someone who understands culture, people and the creative direction of an idea. Someone who appreciates the past but has an eye on the future.


“Music is about creating emotions, knowing the power of a whisper and bringing people together.” – Ancient Record House proverb

A good composer connects with human emotions, takes chances, lives life and expresses it through the art of music. It is someone who is a mirror to society and gives voice to the emotions that flow through each and every one of us.

He is brave and isn’t afraid to try new directions and take the leap into the unknown. He knows that great rewards can only come from great risks.

Our inner child is still very much alive – the one who believes that anything is possible. That’s how we dream the unthinkable and create the intangible.

A great producer also knows how to use the tools around him. He has the proper education and skills to bring musical ideas to life. We pride ourselves on spending many years mastering the art of composition and production in order to channel emotion through music. 

Bottom line, we believe in the power of music. We know music can bring down walls and touch people’s hearts, which inspires us to make the impossible a reality!