What We do



We deliver our part but aim to shatter expectations.  You’ll definitely get what you asked for and then some.



Working with an artist might mean creating the right environment and getting out of the way for them to shine, or it might mean being their coach and guiding them thru their artistic journey.


We approach a piece with our gut feeling. How it makes us feel and the artist’s vision for it will lead the way. Then we’ll make knowledgeable moves to achieve the right balance of sounds and make it all come together as one piece. You can choose to have your mix in stereo or surround.


We take what we do seriously but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Music is powerful and can move masses but personal egos will destroy any creative process.

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This is no dark art. We fine-tune the decisions made along the creative journey to make sure the end product meets the quality standards of the industry. 



We are chameleons and take the right shape and color for each project. Every client, director, creator is different and have different ways of communicating their ideas. We look at the big picture of what we are creating together and see how we fit into the puzzle to create the best piece of art we can. Whether it is for advertisement, film, TV, or games we can create music in just about any genre. 

We Burn with The Desire to Create but we know our place. We are not after the spotlight; we work to serve the bigger picture.

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It’s all about the performance. We do our setup so that the artist is immersed in the piece and isn’t distracted by the technicalities. Then we just keep the tape rolling and capture the magic. You can rely on us for recording just about anything – vocals, guitars, drums, string sections, horns, choirs…



Quite an important part of any project. As it turns out this is how people communicate and tell each other how they feel and what they think. If you need a VO for your commercial, need to fix problematic production track audio with ADR in your film, or need to capture full performances for your game or animation we can help you do all those things by casting the talent, giving direction, and recording and editing.

We Take our time but deliver on time. Although a close deadline can be a fuel for inspiration we don't rush into decisions but make sure you have what you need when you need it.


Sound design:

The only way to fully immerse the audience in an experience is to create an environment that is believable. The soundscape needs to be tied with the visual world otherwise they both fall apart. We have a keen ear for detail and we’ll create the right atmosphere for your project from ambiences, foley, and footsteps to explosions and the roar of your giant monster that time-travelled from a different galaxy!