5.1 Suite

Our 5.1 Suite comes in handy in two ways. First, it houses a THX approved 5.1 system for any kind of film, TV or music mixing and mastering. Second, it can be turned into a live room to record drums, strings, choirs or any kind of big group recordings that might be too crowded for the Production Suite. Both rooms complement the other perfectly, and they can be used interchangeably.

Room Specs:

- Euphonix System 5 Digital Console/Controller with Eucon and eMix version 6

- ProTools HD Native 11 on a 12­Core Intel Mac

- B&W 801 Matrix III 5.1 Speakers

- JBL THX Certified Theatrical Surround Speakers

- TH Labs “Profunder” Sub

- Bryston 9B and 4B Power Amps

- Crown Power Amps

TC Electronics 6000

- Plug­Ins by UAD, URS, MCDSP, Izotope, Waves 

- JVC 4K RS­60 UHD 3D Projector

- Stewart Filmscreen 146 retractable screen

- Benchmark Mic PreAmps (36 channels)

- Dolby Labs Media Producer Encoders

- DTS HD Master Audio Encoders

- Sony DoStudio Blu­ray and Blu­ray 3D Compression/Authoring

- Sonic Scenarist DVD­Audio/Video Authoring

- Sonic Studio with full NoNoise Restoration Package

- Mics from Neumann, AEA, AKG, B&K, Sennheiser, Blue